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Powering tech startups and B2B enterprises, our tailored growth solutions fuel fundraising, go-to-market execution, demand generation and sustained revenue acceleration.

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Assess your account-based marketing maturity with our complimentary evaluation. Gain insights to laser-focus your strategies and accelerate pipeline growth for your highest-value accounts.

Selecting the ideal revenue generation partner is critical for scaling your startup. Download our whitepaper for tech founders to ensure you pick experts who understand your vision and can accelerate growth.

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Launch Your Startup with Precision

Fuel your startup's liftoff with our Launchpad program - expert fundraising strategies, pitch deck development, and founder coaching to kickstart your growth.

Accelerate Your Startup's Trajectory

Maximize your growth velocity with StratRocket - our go-to-market experts will optimize your buyer journeys and build multi-channel acquisition campaigns.

Ignite Your Software Vision

Bring your product ideas to life with AppSpark - our user-centric design and agile development teams will build game-changing MVPs and applications.

Supercharge Your Demand Generation

Attract, educate, and engage your target audience with our data-driven demand generation strategies and multichannel campaigns.

Accelerate Your Pipeline Growth

Generate high-quality leads and align your sales team with our lead generation and sales enablement solutions tailored for B2B enterprises

Unlock the Power of Account-Based Marketing

Identify your highest-value accounts and execute personalized ABM campaigns to engage key decision-makers and drive revenue growth.

Reimagine Your Growth Trajectory

Is your company at an inflection point? Our PivotPath solutions will help you explore new avenues for expansion and unlock your full growth potential.

Transform Your Growth Engine

Achieve double to triple-digit digital growth with our proven Revenue Generation Value Chain framework. Our strategic roadmap will help you build an integrated, data-driven growth machine across 10 key practice areas to drive sustainable revenue acceleration.

Growth Engine Solutions

Your Partner for Transformative Growth

As a trusted partner for tech founders, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to fuel your startup’s trajectory from ideation to scale. Whether you need strategic guidance on fundraising and go-to-market strategies, user-centric product design and development, or rigorous market validation – our proprietary frameworks and industry-honed expertise are here to ignite your vision. From Launchpad to StratRocket, AppSpark to FitLaunch, our tailored services empower you to soar above the competition, captivate investors, and delight your customers. Let’s embark on your startup’s journey to success together.

Empowering Growth for Enterprise Leaders

As a trusted partner for mid-to-large enterprises, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to unlock your organization’s full growth potential. Whether you’re seeking to gain a powerful competitive edge, pivot your business trajectory, or drive demand and sales enablement – our data-driven strategies, market insights, and best-in-class execution are here to propel your company forward. From GrowthEdge to PivotPath, our tailored services empower you to dominate your industry, captivate customers, and outpace the competition. Let’s embark on your enterprise’s journey to sustained, profitable growth.

Build Your Growth Engine

The Growth Engine helps companies create a winning revenue generation engine addressing their strategy, resources, systems, processes & structure that affect their ability to generate revenue. The outcome is the creation of a robust “growth engine” that is capable of delivering the desired revenue outcome. Whether you’re a startup with an idea to commercialize or a growing B2B enterprise, the Growth Engine approach can help you build the revenue generation capabilities you need to succeed. 

Growth Engine Solutions

Growth Engine Testimonials

Every once in awhile you meet a person so skilled at their profession that you can't help but feel you're somehow robbing the world if you don't share. As a startup founder with a sales and business development background, I have learned the vast difference between sales and marketing over the years. While it is absolutely necessary for both to work symbiotically, I have come to have a profound appreciation for the art of marketing. Eve Chen is one of the most brilliant marketing tacticians I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Cedric Lipsey Co-founder & CEO, Clusivi (Fintech)

The Growth Engine team hit the ground running quickly. Within 3 weeks, they developed our new brand with all the brand assets including the logo, a new website, social platform assets, sales flyers, blog content, and a video explainer. From concept, and messaging development, to production of all marketing assets it was done seamlessly. Eve's team made sure we were happy with all the details of brand assets for our new cybersecurity awareness training business and Eve provided expert advice on smart technology to get us up and running smoothly on time, and target. Nothing is too difficult for Eve and her team. We can not be more pleased with the results The Growth Engine delivered to us and we look forward to working with her on an ongoing basis to develop effective campaigns to generate leads and revenue for our new business!

Mark Howarth, Chief Phish (Founder) PhishNet.Global (Cybersec tech and services)

As a fast-growing startup, we experienced tremendous success in our first year, thanks to our own efforts. However, to keep up our aggressive growth goals in the second year, we knew we needed to bring in some outside expertise. That's when we turned to The Growth Engine. From the start, their team impressed us with their strategic, data-driven approach. They first rebuilt our website, delivering a fast, modern site that became the foundation for our online presence. But the real game-changer was their expertise in programmatic advertising and paid media. The Growth Engine developed a sophisticated campaign that has consistently delivered a steady flow of high-quality, qualified leads. This has allowed us to rapidly expand our customer base and keep up with our ambitious growth targets. In fact, our year-over-year quarterly sales have grown by an impressive 48.96%.

Joyce Jiang Founder and CEO of KWD

The biggest value The Growth Engine team provided was their ability to understand our business quickly and translate our product benefits into powerful assets and tools to articulate business value to our customers. The fast time to value meant our sales team was able to improve our engagement with prospects in an efficient manner. Their superior project management capability meant we didnʼt have to spend our valuable resources at the leadership level to manage multiple vendors.

JD Sherry CRO, Remediant (Cybersec tech)

The Growth Engine founder, Eve Chen, represents the hallmark of a contemporary marketing professional. Experienced, diligent, focused, highly communicative, and able to effectively deliver a complex marketing program to a mixed audience, and make the message Stick!

Dominic Fester Business Development Manager, Employsure

Eve Chen is an extremely knowledgeable marketing professional and allowed our cohort to get a deep dive into various marketing strategies as tech founders. I appreciated the interactive component of Eve’s teaching style which I found engaging. As a subject matter expert, she taught B2B and B2C Customer Acquisition Strategy. We appreciate Eve for sharing her insight with our early-stage tech founders!

Yael Berhane Accelerator Program Manager, Access Mode (a tech startup accelerator)

I had the fortune of meeting Eve when she led two separate workshops on B2B and B2C customer acquisition at the tech accelerator my startup company was participating in. I was overwhelmed – in the best way possible – by the breadth and depth of her knowledge of effective sales and marketing strategies and tactics. Eve also shared with us a deluge of materials to supplement the information she presented. Ironically, it was apparent that this was all still just a fraction of what she knew and was capable of teaching. I can’t overstate how impressed I am with Eve and her vast experience and expertise in guiding the sales and marketing success of any enterprise, and I am eager for the opportunity to work closely with her on mine.

Ty Ono Chief Experience Officer & Co-founder, Clusivi (Fintech startup)

The raffle promotion has been run every year for the last 47 years and we have never been able to exceed our sales target within such a short time. Their quick action, flawless execution, and understanding of our target audience are key factors to the outstanding performance they delivered. I can not recommend The Growth Engine highly enough as a Revenue Performance agency.

Bill Hall President of Sustainable Tourism Roadmap Committee (Retail/Tourism)

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